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[+] No backing out after confirmation
[+] No refunds or exchanges.
[+] Swaps allowed but cash deals over swaps EVEN IF swap has been confirmed
[+] Meetups FOC at yishun ONLY, other areas for meetups are negotiable
[+] I strictly do NOT do postage or bank transfers. Concealed cash at your own risk
[+] I'm quite a nice person, those who have dealt with me before would know.(:
[+] Email me at temp0shop@hotmail.com (:


Name: Kal
Age: 19 this year
School: Still schooling (:



Due to certain people stealing customers, i had to resort to this -.-


473 items sold and swapped!(:


Name: Belle Huang
Reason: Big ass bitch who stood me up on 4/1/10.
Supposed to meet up at AMK for my Grey top but on that day of the meetup, didnt reply my calls, texts, whatsoever.
Also blacklisted by http://feefteenz.blogspot.com/
Read her story yeah. Dont deal with such a bitch -.-

Name: Xiaoxue
Reason: Backed out of a confirmed deal. What peeved me even more was her reply which had this nonchalant attitude.Deal with her at your own risk.

Name: Adlieyn & Suzy
Email: gerl_woohoo92@hotmail.com
Blog: http://buyortrade.blogspot.com/
Reason: Enquired about an item, but failed to reply even when i've mailed her thrice. It would be nice if you could at least reply even when you're passing.

Name: HOS
Email: happinessof.shopping@gmail.com
Blog: http://happinessof-shopping.blogspot.com/
Reason: Totally MIA-ed on me after confirming trades.Tried to meet nearer to her convenience several times but to no avail. Super irresponsible.

Name: Vintagebrownies
Email: vintagebrownies@hotmail.com
Contact: 94794545
Blog: http://Vintagebrownies.livejournal.com/
Reason: Supposed to meet for a trade which dragged on for a month.On the meetup day itself, messaged her to confirm meetups and she replied stating she couldn't find the item. Irresponsible to the max.
Name: Liane Tan
Email: asdfghjkliane@hotmail.sg
Reason: Indicated interest for all my threadless tees and stated she could do an immediate transfer to my bank account. Ended up MIAing after that. Super irritating. Also blacklisted by http://heartfeltpalate.livejournal.com/138612.html and http://sheemzee.weebly.com/buy.html





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